Check Status Of Your Return

Tired of waiting for your refund? Make sure to select Direct Deposit option and e-file your return, you will get your Federal refund within a week.


Withholding Calculator

If your situation changed, you may need to update your withholding number. Use this link to see how much tax you will owe.



Live in NYC? Pay your property taxes online and save time. Also, find out how much you is paid on a prospective home.


Own a

If you own a business, regardless of the size, you’ve got to have your books straight. Get help! Start with QuickBooks. We can help.


We believe that there is more to an accountant then just handling books & preparing a tax return once a year. A great accountant is an advisor to your business and personal matters.

We believe in bringing value for you. We explore tax and business strategies to grow your wealth and protect your assets. We have the experience to help your start up impress potential Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists with your business plan projections. It’s important to engage an accountants, who not only know what they are doing, but who can also help you anticipate potential issues and prevent them. Schedule your free consultation and talk to us. Today.

Our Services

Tax Advisory Services

We will help you create YOUR tax strategy and save you money.

Financial Planning

We will work through the process to identify your needs, goals and strategy, and put your plan into action

Year-End Tax Planning

In most cases, talking to your accountant BEFORE making a costly decision can save you a headache and money. Talk to us, tell us about your plans. We can help you.

Business Services

We can manage your day-to-day financial matters for you, so that you can focus on growing your business. Or we can help you get set up and handle it yourself.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting

We are very experienced in handling issues related to FATCA. Since all tax residents of the US are obligated to report their financial assets to the IRS, in recent years it has become a very “hot” issue.

Bringing your foreign business to the US?

You need someone experienced and reliable to make sure your business fulfills all tax-related requirements.

Bringing your US Business abroad?

Know the reporting requirements. We can help you.

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