Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?
For starters, we are awesome and cool, and technology-driven to ensure your success. We have a tremendous passion for what we do: seeing clients pay less taxes, develop and grow their businesses, becoming less busy via efficiencies is a special treat for us.

We love to have your trust and will help you throughout your journey regardless of the state you’re at. So COME ON BOARD, and we will show you First Class accounting and tax services.

If you're new to us, you may want to know why we handle many things electronically these days, right?
And it’s a valid concern! The fact of the matter is: we LOOOVE efficiency and dislike wasting time: we love spending time with our families, just like you do, and being efficient is the ONLY way to do that. We utilize the latest technology available to make sure that all the minutiae (which we have to handle anyway) is managed quickly and efficiently.

There’s more: We have developed our systems so that YOUR time is also cherished. Quality doesn’t have to suffer because of efficiency, in fact, it’s the opposite of that! When we can focus on delivering VALUE to YOU, we exceed your expectations. Our systems are designed having security in mind, too!

How is effective Tax Planning service we offer different from my regular tax preparer services?
Well, Tax Planning is PRO-Active, rather than RE-Active. Coming to us in February/March for Tax Planning is too late. Act EARLY, SAVE your tax dollars!
A strategic plan is long-term in nature and focuses on where you want the business to be at some future date.
What are our CFO services like?
A CFO is someone who supports the CEO’s vision and direction from a financial prospective. CEOs create a plan and CFOs make it happen. Often times smaller entities don’t need a full-time CFO (those can get SUPER expensive), and that’s where we come in. We set up your systems in an efficient way and educate you on the best practices (and, trust us, we’ve seen it all over the years and came up with quite a few fantastic techniques). We will help implement those practices and set the wheel in motion. YOUR case is always different from others, and we will tailor the plan for you. We will guide you through your week-to-week and month-to-month financial routine and will be a sounding board to ensure your ultimate success.

Sounds great? Start with really thinking about and defining your short and long-term goals. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you want to be a year from now? Those are some important questions to answer for yourselves first.

What else can we do for YOU?
We focus on your future and your success, so we bring together our knowledge of accounting, advanced tax savings strategies, CFO mindset and tons of energy and spirit to help you have more money in your pocket. Who can say no to that? Lol.

What is needed from you? Readiness to succeed, no excuses and no procrastination.

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