About Us

We Feel Your Pain

Do you feel like your business can never be a cash cow? Do you sometimes struggle to make ends meet? Do you ever feel like a failure?

We get you and we have your back. Our team will help you build a profitable business and pay less taxes along the way. The result? More money to design and build your DREAM LIFE.

LINZA means a “lens” and we take it literally: we examine your life and your business to 1- build profitability and 2- identify deductions, credits, loopholes and missed opportunities. Our expertise in accounting, business management, price psychology and proactive tax reduction will bring you more money for a sweet life and take the worry away. Essentially, we make you a better YOU.

Written Requests Protocol

To increase our quality of service, we made some changes to our email communication: our team is trained to check email and voicemail twice per day – around 10 am & 2 pm and respond according to the following Chart’s Priority System. Please be sure to use the appropriate ICON (letter) in the Subject Line of your written communication with us:


Emergency Text Access

For our Unicorn Packages, you are provided with a mobile # for the purpose of communication that can’t wait until 10 am or 2 pm each day. Text “E” Only (or brief non confidential description), then Tatiana or her available team member will respond to you at their earliest.

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