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Whatever it is, we will make it happen. By engaging our firm you will be profitable and pay less taxes, legally, so that you can use that extra cash to design and build YOUR dream life.

Individual Tax Packages & Plans

         As part of our Certified Tax Planner certification, we offer not only comprehensive Tax compliance packages, but also Proactive Tax Reduction Strategies. When we meet with you, we are prepared to discuss how to save YOU tax dollars with forward-thinking approaches and tips to make sure you don’t pay a dime more in tax. Take a look at our sample tax plan here.

         We offer Essential Tax, Power Tax and Elite Tax packages, which provide various benefits depending on your needs. This service is best suited for individuals with closely held businesses, with Real Estate investments, with significant assets and investments, or all of the above. The reason is that we can provide the most value and tax saving strategies, and we also love “puzzles”. Every situation is unique, and properly established plan will help put tax money back in your pockets.

Business Tax Packages

         For business tax compliance we offer quite a few options, too. First, we offer complete business tax compliance for US and foreign businesses. This includes Corporate, Multi-state Tax filings, Sales Tax & Nexus Packages, Payroll set up assistance. In addition to a typical compliance plan for a business, we offer support & accounting packages, as well as consultation plans.

We have a special service called “Business Start Up Package“, which includes virtual and in-person meetings to discuss the best business structure for your start up or new business. We will then utilize our colleagues (specializing in fast, reliable and affordable business formation) to form the appropriate entity for you, so that you have peace of mind.

CFO & More

          Part-time CFO. When it comes to running a successful business OR building up a business to succeed, a great management team is a must. Often times a business doesn’t need a full-time CFO, and that’s where we come in. Our extensive management training, accounting & business experience, forward thinking and keeping taxes on the back of our head creates a unique skill, which, in collaboration with an extraordinary CEO creates synergies and unbelievable results. We help your business grow and help YOU get to your own goals and dreams.

         Price Consulting. This is a fairly recent service we started offering as part of our management packages. It’s a separate engagement, where we help you be sure that you’re charging the right price for what you offer. Many businesses are afraid to lose clients and never raise prices. The result of that fear is working crazy hours and cutting into margins, and, often times, folding up shop. Chase that fear away! Sometimes it’s OK to lose a few nickel-and-diming clients and focus on the big picture. And with price consulting engagements we will help you do that.

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