We Love Doing Good and Paying It Forward.

We believe in paying it forward and we always practice what we preach. The Bookkeeper Project will help women, teens, first generation immigrants and abuse survivors to become financially independent by teaching them skill they can use to always be able to make a living, no matter what.

Society for Financial Independence and Tatiana Tsoir at Linza Advisors Team Up to Offer Skill Training to Teens, Moms, Immigrants, and Abuse Survivors, Starting with Bookkeeping

May 22, 2024 

Society for Financial Independence (SOFFIND for short), in partnership with Tatiana Tsoir, announced today it aims to equip 200 people with the skill of bookkeeping by the end of 2024. SoFFInd is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide education that leads to financial independence, with a focus on underserved communities and groups who need it most. Ms. Tsoir, a New York-based CPA and an immigrant herself, has had a life-long passion for empowering women and teens with tools that can change the course of their lives. 

Marketable skills, even without an accompanying degree, can provide a way to earn a living no matter what life or the economy throws at someone, and the skill of bookkeeping in particular can be mastered fairly quickly, and is always in demand. What can start as a way for a college student or stay-at-home mom to earn some extra freelance money can eventually become their own thriving business. Society for Financial Independence wants to change the trajectory of people who have been unmotivated and underserved with engaging, accessible, and fundamental training and commitment to excellence. 

Ms. Tsoir, as an “off-the-boat” immigrant in early 2003, experienced the value of this firsthand. She became a bookkeeper while going to school for accounting, a pivotal opportunity for her and her career that eventually landed her a job at an accounting firm in 2009 when most firms weren’t hiring. She’s lived the experience of bookkeeping opening the door to schedule flexibility and financial stability, two things that become especially important as one moves from each stage of life into the next.  

For accounting and financial firms, bookkeeping is the foundation of all accounting processes at the core of their businesses, and yet for the past several years accounting enrollment in colleges has significantly decreased. With the help of SoFFInd and Ms. Tsoir , accounting firms and financial institutions can create full scholarship opportunities for motivated individuals to become expertly trained in the skills the firms themselves desire––a win-win for the industry. 

Some fear that AI will take over bookkeeping and tax preparation, but Ms. Tsoir isn’t worried: “We have a lot of people in the industry still using Excel, desktop software, and a shoebox of receipts to file clients’ taxes. AI will definitely augment and support the industry, but skill will still be in demand for years to come.” Companies will always have a need for capable bookkeepers.

There are other educational projects underway which will launch in 2025 and include tax preparation and entrepreneurship skills, and others in the future. 


SoFFInd is a non-profit, charitable organization that is committed to empowering women, immigrants, teens, and abuse survivors with skills to build a better life. Many of these individuals simply cannot afford to buy a program to invest in themselves and often don’t see a different reality that is possible for them. We are passionate about creating more opportunities for someone’s better destiny, which also creates opportunities to recruit skilled talent for firms that invest in change in this industry. 


Tatiana is a CPA, MBA, and a USTCP (United States Tax Court Practitioner) with nearly twenty years of accounting experience, both as a bookkeeper and as a utilizer of bookkeeping services in her tax and accounting advisory firm. She has always had a passion for moms, women, and accounting. In 2021 she wrote her first book, Dream Bold, Start Smart, a roadmap on starting a business, to help women and moms pursue entrepreneurship and gain confidence when it comes to money, numbers, and taxes.

In her 2023 TEDx talk, Tatiana talked about how even though we cannot know our destiny, we can control it if we learn how to think like an entrepreneur. She believes that skills are what carry us through life, and our corporate social responsibility policy and our desire to make a difference are what move the needle and make the world a better place. And it starts inside of each of us.

We Love Doing Good and Paying It Forward.

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