Coherent and Tactical Strategies
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Increase Your Profits

Stabilize Your Cash Flow

Proactively Reduce Your Tax Bill

Increase Your Profits

Stabilize Your Cash Flow

Proactively Reduce Your Tax Bill

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Our Services

ProActive Tax Reduction

Is it your CPA’s job to think proactively? Well… It’s really not. In a traditional CPA relationship, you pay for tax preparation only, and planning for the tax payment (aka Tax Projection). Tax planning requires additional knowledge and training, and IS a separate service. We are certified in proactive tax reduction and offer you our expertise. Tax planning is a standalone service, or can be a part of an ongoing engagement. Either way, there is no risk and you don’t have to leave your current CPA!

Price Consulting

How do you know if your product Price Points are right? How can you be sure that you’re maximizing your profits? Price Psychology can HELP! In fact, price is the fastest way to grow profits. With our 12- month program you will learn, test and define the “just right” price for your product, package or a-la-carte service.You will have access to software to run simulations and see how many customers you are OK to lose and still generate the same profits. It’s VERY powerful.

Growing from Profit

What would you say if we told you that you don’t have to barely survive financially? What if you had a better way, a better system to run a profitable business? We have helped numerous businesses get off the hamster wheel and finally run a business that helps you build the life you’ve always wanted. It IS possible, in fact, it’s VERY possible and any business can be set up for profitability. Call us today to find out about our Cash Management Master training & Service.

Outside CFO Service

One of our signature services is the Outside CFO service. We utilize the latest technology to bring you the best reporting for effective, efficient and timely decision making. Adjusting financial strategy quickly, based on Key Performance Indicators, can become critical for a business’ survival and financial success.

Business Mediation

Sometimes things change, people change and have a different vision for a business. In fact, it happens more often than you think! Being partners in business is practically like being married, and sometimes there comes a point, when going together any further is detrimental to the business. Over the years we were able to help quite a few businesses part ways amicably. If you feel stuck, call us.

Business Services

A year or two ago we helped a business walk away from a terrible (financially) business deal by simply doing some due diligence financial analysis. Our cash flow projections showed that even in the worst case scenario our client would lose a LOT of money in year 1, and year 2 would be uncertain. The client unwillingly walked away but was very thankful for our advice! If you are looking to buy (or sell) a business, engage us to do some due diligence, too!

About Us

I am a tax & accounting expert, CEO, and founder of Linza Advisors Inc., a boutique firm in New York. Over the last 16 years, I’ve helped small businesses across the nation become more profitable, stabilize cash flow, pay less taxes and now invest those savings and multiply them through sound investment strategies. My professional accreditations, background, and experience in a wide range of industries speak for themselves. And I bring my expertise to you through my work. If you care about the accolades, check out mine below. I am:

  • A Certified Public Accountant with 16+ years of experience (aka I know what I’m doing)
  • A Degree holder of Master’s in Business Administration (I look at a business as a whole)
  • Certified in proactive tax planning (I know how to save you money on tax legally)
  • Trained in Price Psychology (I will help you build and price your offering)
  • A CFO Professional (I will help you learn to manage your cash well)
  • A trained Cannabis Accountant (I help with reporting & taxation in this industry)
  • A stickler for good bookkeeping. It can save lives (financial ones)

And last but not least, I believe that you deserve to build a business of your dreams and not get the gut-wrenching anxiety while doing it, because the stronger you are, the stronger we all are. Especially now.


Recently, my book “Dream Bold, Start Smart” (Page Two, March 2021),was released and it’s a roadmap for dreamers. I wrote it for aspiring entrepreneurs, who cannot afford to lose money trying things out on their own, and for early-into-it business owners and freelancers who want to be sure they got the basics down right. I cannot wait for this book to change your life. I wrote it to make my expertise more accessible for YOU. And I would love for you to have it.


Order the book today HERE.


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What we expect from our clients – written communication

To increase our quality of service, we made some changes to our email communication: our team is trained to check email and voicemail twice per day – around 10 am & 2 pm and respond according to the following Chart’s Priority System. Please be sure to use the appropriate ICON (letter) in the Subject Line of your written communication with us:

Emergency Text Access

For our ELITE Packages, you are provided with a mobile # for the purpose of communication that can’t wait until 10 am or 2 pm each day. Text “E” Only (or brief non confidential description), then Tatiana or her available team member will respond to you at their earliest.

Tired of living “paycheck to paycheck” in your business?

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Working with us (on getting YOU more money for your DREAM LIFE) is simple

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Contact us via a specialized procedure we provide only to VIP clients.

Cloud Based Portal Communication Tool

Our cloud platform permits 24/7/365 immediate & auto encrypted access to all documents, filed & communication with email-notify.

Video & Screencast Communication Platforms

We send you video notes so you’ll get precise and on point information right on your device. No more mis-reading, mis-interpreting or long email explanations from us. This saves time for you and us!

Cloud-Based Solutions for You

We utilize the latest technology solutions that make your business and your life most efficient. Good systems don’t require as much time and effort, and make your life so easy. We will find the right solution for you.

Email is a Secondary Communication Tool Now

How many emails do you plow through daily? It’s distracting and inefficient. Our technology notifies you directly and immediately, and we use importance Scale to alert you to what can wait and what must be addressed immediately.

Online Meetings

Our firm places a huge value on your time. So with any device, you can see, hear and conference with us in real time.

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