STEP 1: Schedule a Free Discovery Call

(Where you will tell us more about YOU)

STEP 2. Receive a Custom Business Strategy

(And our help in executing it!)

STEP 3. Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Success!

(Finally enjoy being certain about your business future!)

Tired of living “paycheck to paycheck” in your business?

No Entrepreneur has to go through this struggle… But so many do. Are you one of them?

Working with us on getting YOU more money for your DREAM LIFE is easy: 

VIP Immediate EMERGENCY Access to Your LINZA Advisor

Contact us via a specialized procedure we provide only to VIP clients.

Cloud Based Portal Communication Tool

Our cloud platform permits 24/7/365 immediate & auto encrypted access to all documents, filed & communication with email-notify.

Video & Screencast Communication Platforms

We send you video notes so you’ll get precise and on point information right on your device. No more mis-reading, mis-interpreting or long email explanations from us. This saves time for you and us!

Cloud-Based Solutions for You

We utilize the latest technology solutions that make your business and your life most efficient. Good systems don’t require as much time and effort, and make your life so easy. We will find the right solution for you.

Email is a Secondary Communication Tool Now

How many emails do you plow through daily? It’s distracting and inefficient. Our technology notifies you directly and immediately, and we use importance Scale to alert you to what can wait and what must be addressed immediately.

Online Meetings

Our firm places a huge value on your time. So with any device, you can see, hear and conference with us in real time.

Our Services

ProActive Tax Reduction

Is it your CPA’s job to think proactively? Well… It’s usually not. In a typical accountant relationship, you pay for tax preparation, and planning for the tax payment (aka Tax Projection). Tax planning requires additional knowledge and training, and IS a separate and distinct service. We are trained and certified in proactive tax reduction planning and bring our expertise to you. It’s a standalone service, or can be a part of an ongoing engagement. Either way, there is no risk and you don’t have to leave your current CPA!

Tax Advisory

For PEOPLE, we squeeze every penny of tax for YOU, the right way. For BUSINESSES: we work hard on the BEST possible tax strategy for your business to optimize tax savings available to you. Our approach is being proactive and forward thinking, which we believe to be critical.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting

We are very experienced in handling issues related to FATCA. Since all “tax residents” of the US are obligated to report their financial assets to the IRS, in recent years it has become a very “hot” issue. It’s not as much about income you generated (or didn’t generate), as it is about DISCLOSURE. The IRS is big on that. They care about you! 🙂 We can help bring those matters up to date, deal with the IRS, petition to reduce or abate penalties for YOU.

Bringing your foreign business to the US?Bringing your US Business abroad?

You need someone experienced and reliable to make sure your business fulfills all tax-related requirements. Moreover, do you know how Transfer Pricing, PE, Related-Party rules apply to you? Are you certain that the type of business you selected is the best way to pay the least legal amount of tax?  When you open a branch abroad, make sure you are on top of your required disclosures. We are here for YOU.

Business Mediation

We also offer Business Mediation for you and your partners and/or clients to positively move forward!

Business Services

We offer a wide range of services to make sure that YOU are focused on YOUR business. We can manage your day-to-day financial matters for you or we can help you get set up and handle it yourself. We provide valuable Controller services to help you stay on top of your numbers. We will teach you to NOT be afraid of your business dynamic and always have an action plan. Our outside CFO services will help you manage your day to day cash fluctuations and make sure that your rapid growth doesn’t cut you short of success.

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