Hey there, I'm Tatiana Tsoir

I'm the CEO of Linza Advisors. We support business owners and individuals in all things money, numbers and taxes (and more!).

We start with a 2nd Opinion (whether it's books, taxes or business review) to identify gaps and see what we need to "prescribe". We never want to offer you what you don't need, for us it's personal. Just like your business is to you.

Our 2nd Opinion and our Tax Planning & Strategy services are standalone: you don't need to leave your current CPA. And it doesn't hurt to check, "trust but verify", right?

And then it's up to you - we will support you where you need it most. So let's talk!


Why us?

We've worked with small businesses for 20+ years. We've seen good decisions, bad decisions, good and bad accountants, great and coward leaders, and we've been privy to the most intimate part of it all - finances. Bottom line - we know what we're doing and what we're talking about.

Our mission is to encourage and empower entrepreneurship at every age, because we believe that business is a skill, a craft, that anyone can learn and be good at.

We are a 100% United States-based team. Many accountants outsource to India, Philippines and other countries, but we've made a decision to never do that. We do not outsource. We just don't believe in outsourcing clients' private financial data access to people abroad. And we like to hire American, too.

We are more expensive that most transactional firms, yes. The reason is that you pay for advice and you actually get it. It's hard to expect advice from a once-a-year-tax-return relationship. We value our time and we give you our 100% - and because we hire American, we are naturally more expensive.

We are always on your side and we always look out for your interests, because one you're with us, you're family.

Speaking Topics

Teams & Leadership

A certified Gestalt coach, I love working with teams to create a happy, caring & fun environment at work.
Team building is not an event, it's a habit that todays leaders have to acquire.

Motivation &Productivity

Moms are the geniuses of productivity, add to that someone who runs 3-4 businesses at a time (me) and productivity & self motivation become your middle names.

Personal Development

I've worked on myself since I was 15 & got into Silva Mind Control Method & many more trainings since. Self-growth is a life-long journey that allows you to live the life you want.

Business & Side Hustles

Business is the way to a happier & free-er life. And it's a craft, just like anything else you create.

So you can learn the tools of the trade & make it great.


Customer Testimonials

Deborah Johnson, M.A., National Recording Artist, Author & Speaker

Engaging speaker who inspires bold financial decisions to make your bold dreams come true.

David Lauterstein, CEO of Nasty Pig
Crains 2020 Notable LGBTQ Executive

Tatiana turned my business around and made it healthy, wealthy and wise.

That's real success!

Aziza S., CIM, Harvard Alum'21, Caring Life, Career & Business Coach

Tatiana's speech is one of the best ones we've had! It's paradigm-shifting! I can't wait to have her speak at another event I host.


TatiTatiana is adept in efficiency and process improvement. I was impressed by her 'big picture' understanding and implementation concepts. It's an asset and attribute that we as a company will continue to rely on as we grow.
James B, New York NY (Client since 2011)
Linza Advisors turned my business around and made it healthy, wealthy and wise. That's real success! 
David L, New York NY (Client since 2014)
Tatiana is extremely knowledgeable and is always looking to apply that insight into how to best serve me!
Barbara K, Brooklyn NY (Client since 2019)
I want to do things right, while paying the least amount of tax, legally. And Linza Advisors does exactly that. Plus, there is always an ROI when working with them firm and Tatiana.
Frank S., New York NY (Client since 2011)
Linza Advisors is the first firm that I trusted and loved. They take care of me like I am family.
Elizabeth C, New York, NY (Client since 2022)
Tatiana brings practical, real-world examples to her keynote that make you say "she gets me.
Sarah Ohanesian, Keynote Speaker & Productivity Consultant
An engaging speaker who inspires smart financial decisions.
Deborah Johnson, M.A., Speaker & Podcast Host, Author, National Recording Artist
Thought-provoking, engaging and wise!
Harriet Stein, Mindfulness Teacher and Author

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