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We "2nd Opinion" EVERYTHING!
Books, taxes, operations, marketing & more!

Feel like you’re paying too much tax? Get a DETAXTM

If you feel like you work hard and tax bill comes as a surprise, get a DETAXTM, our Signature 2nd opinion on your taxes.

Traditional accountants rarely have a few minutes to spare to look for efficiencies. While as a tax strategist I look for missed opportunities so you can be confident that you're paying the least amount of tax, legally.

You don't have to leave your current CPA! 

ONLY $997 for a review, meet & a report!


Proactive & By the Book

Sometimes people ask us "how aggressive are you with deductions?" to which we say "We are licensed professionals and we care about keeping our licenses and staying free." The truth is that tax cheating isn't our  thing. At all.

We are your "by the book" accountants. This doesn't mean we don't squeeze every penny of tax legally, we do! There are ways to use the Code to your advantage and keep you out of trouble. And that's what we do.  We are proactive advisors: once the year is over, there isn't much that we can do to save you money on tax.

We offer:
Bookkeeping (daily, weekly, monthly) which is the core of your success. Plus, we give you timely reports, too!
Payroll, sales tax, invoicing, and bill pay.
🌟 Tax compliance - we file your taxes, business, personal, you name it.
🌟 Tax planning, strategy & proactive reduction.
🌟 IRS and State audit representation & support: we keep you out of trouble.
🌟 Interim CFO and Interim Controller Services (+Fractional service, too).
Business decision-making advice.
🌟 Business growth, scale and efficiency advice.
🌟 Better hires and better culture advice using science.
🌟 When you're ready to talk about selling your business, we are your M&A quarterback.

Let's connect to see how we can support you and your family when you become a part of our family.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
P.S. Ask us about our special "Baby Business" (start ups) and "Decision Lab" programs.


Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita.

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Price is the fastest way to grow profit.

So why are you so afraid to raise prices? Or to review/restructure how you price?
Apple doesn't care what its competitors charge, so why should you? Stop giving away your value! Not sure if you're really making as much as you think you're making on projects? If your price is right? Answer this question: do you want to work less and make more? If you say "yes!" - our price review & development is the product for you!
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New Program

Are They Buying What You're Pitching?

Did you know that only at any given moment 3% of people are in an active "buying" mode for your product/service? This means that pitching and advertising is useless for 97% of the viewers! What none of your competitors do is nurture those who are at other stages of your buyer's journey the conversation in your prospect's mind, engage them with a solution they want, educate them on the subject and make them an offer they can’t refuse!
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New Program

Can't find or retain good people?

Does your company really have culture?  
Taking someone to lunch once a month does NOT build culture...

What does it take to build culture? It starts with a leader and a decision to build a business that changes lives, including the lives of your employees and your own. Even with that attitude, you still need help. Invite me to help you build a company culture that makes your employees proud to work with you.
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